What is Music Around Town?

Music Around Town is a music production venture that provides live jazz performance -- whether smooth, classic or latin jazz, or instrumental or vocalized pop music. -- as well as dance music  Groups also perform instrumental pop hits and danceable songs, with vocals.  Music Around town can also provide jazz and pop duos, trios and quartets to meet the space and budgets of a wide variety of clients.

We also do event planning and promotion, as well as innovative workshops on leadership and teamwork, using live music.   

Music Around Town had its genesis in 2009 with the formation of the Jazzway Express, a popular smooth and classic jazz group.  Since 2009, Music Around Town has provided a vast number of performances at weddings, music festivals, government and corporate events, non-profit events, private parties and restaurants.  In 2012, Music Around Town expanded its offerings to include promotion of live music events involving business sponsorships, vendors, and other attractions.  Currently, we co-organize the Conway Farmers' Market, responsible for marketing, live sound and entertainment, vendor policy, as well as financial and facility issues.

Brent Ward is the founder of Music Around Town.  Brent was trained as a pianist at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Canada for eight years, before switching permanently to bass.  Brent holds an undergraduate degree in Psychology, and Masters level education in Business, Information Systems, and Project Management and education, as well as certifications in software development and project management. Brent is currently pursuing a PhD in Business Management.    

Brent is also active in the local community, serving on Boards of non-profits that improve the local residential and business community   He is also a full-time business professor.  Given his love of music, Brent is the common denominator in the groups that comprise Music Around Town.


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